Disability Awareness & Carers Information

Practice Philosophy of Care for Learning Difficulties

The staff at The Cambridge Practice will provide a high standard of care and patients will benefit from the new care plan that we have now put into practice.

We will aim to promote good health through clinical skills, better communication, caseload management, effective use of resources and liaison with other agencies.

Our staff will work together as a team with the patients, families and carer all included so that we can provide the best individualised care, whilst maintaining their dignity, privacy and freedom of choice.

This aim will be achieved by using good communication skills and to encourage, where possible, independence for the patient.

Our practice aims to offer an honest, friendly and open environment giving support to patients, families, carers and professionals in the surgeries pursuit to provide the best possible care.

Our Approach

Health awareness plays an important part in the way we support people with a learning disability. Our work involves producing resources for health and social care professionals to enable them to better understand health, diet and nutrition. We also produce resources for people with a learning disability that can help them develop a better awareness of their own health, and give them tools for managing this.

People with a disability have a right to receive good healthcare. They will need healthcare in the same way that everyone else will, and some people with a disability will have additional health needs. Often, they need more support to understand information about their health, especially communicating symptoms and concerns, and to manage their health adequately.

There are 3 simple things all health practitioners can do to ensure that people with a learning disability get the healthcare they need:

  • Allow longer appointment times
  • Communication with the individual (verbal and non-verbal)
  • Listening to the knowledge of their families and carers and most important, equally valuing the life of a person with a learning disability

If you need extra support during your appointment time then please let our reception team know and we will do our best to support this.