Flu Season is here

Here is some information on why you should have your flu jab.

Why should you have your flu jab at the GP surgery instead of a pharmacy?

  • Seasonal vaccinations provide a valuable source of income for the Practice so having your flu jab here supports the surgery.
  • According to figures over the last 5 years 1.3m patients have seen their surgery close, in all nearly 450 GP Surgeries have closed during this time period. Practices have closed due to problems with recruitment and funding.
  • Pharmacies and supermarkets do not have access to your FULL medical record or know you as well as we do.
  • We will also advise at the same time if you are eligible to be vaccinated against shingles or pneumococcal.
  • We also obtain vital data that is necessary for your medical record and care. If you choose to go to the pharmacy/supermarket for your vaccine we cannot gather this information and they do not gather it for us.
  • As with all injections there is a small risk of anaphylaxis reaction, if this does happen your surgery is far better equipped to deal with such cases.


We now have MSK physiotherapists at The Cambridge Practice

Musculoskeletal (MSK) physiotherapists provide advice and treatment for a wide range of orthopaedic and rheumatological conditions that affect joints, muscles, ligaments and tendons – for example, sports injuries, lower back pain, complex pain conditions and after some surgical procedures. Our aim is to provide the best care possible according to each patient’s needs.

We help people understand the cause of their problem, how best to manage their own condition and how to prevent it recurring. Treatment is carried out with individuals depending on what the patient and the physiotherapist feel is most appropriate.