These are worrying times.

We all know this and we all want to be doing what is best to keep ourselves and our loved ones safe.

Working from home, self-isolating and reducing trips out to essential trips only are perfect examples of how we are helping ourselves, our family and the wider community.

However, with all the best good intentions in the world, some of us will still get ill, and there will still be people out there who need a doctor to help them.  We want to reassure everyone that at the Surgery we are all doing our best to keep you as safe as we can.

So, with that in mind, what are we, The Cambridge Practice, doing to keep you safe? 

  • Staff at the Surgery are now taking their temperature on arrival each day so we all know what our temperature is. If the reading is at the government guideline of 37.8 or above, we all know to contact our Management Team to let them know and discuss the plan going forward with regards to self-isolating.
  • We have set up a system within the Practice where patients booking appointment have a telephone triage call with a clinician to discuss the issue at hand and to decide whether the doctor really needs to see you face to face, or whether everything can be sorted over the phone. The fewer footfalls we have coming through the Practice, the better chance we have at keeping you all safe and sound.
  • A few members of staff have created a Nepalese Corona Virus information video so the information is accessible for as many people as possible within our Practice.
  • All members of staff are committed to providing the best possible care throughout these trying times; we have daily “huddles via conference call” so the all staff can be kept informed and up-to-date with anything changing within the Practice, as well as the wider community.
  • Hospitals are not currently accepting routine referrals – but fear not! If you are referred routinely to a hospital, we are typing your letter up, logging the details and keeping the letter to one side for now, just until the hospitals give the “go ahead” for us to start sending them over again.

We know these are difficult times. 

That’s why we want to reassure all of you that we are doing the best we can to keep everyone as safe as possible and provide the best care for everyone.

Keep in touch with people. 

Going from “I’m able to go out and about” to “I can’t go out unless it’s essential” is not an easy thing to comprehend for everyone.  We are creatures of habit, and changing our habits can be a massive task. I, personally, do not tend to go out and meet up with people on a regular basis, but this lock down has even hit me more than I expected it to.  In the past, I have been able to say “Yeah, I want to pop into town” and just get up and go.  Then suddenly, I can’t.  The thing that has made the world of difference is that friends have kept in contact with me, albeit via social media, a text, or a phone call. Having that contact made me happier.

So please, think about your family, think about your friends, and think about that elderly neighbour who lives alone.

But most importantly, stay safe.